We distribute the products of C-MAX and Echologger, sophisticated sonar brands designed and manufactured to the highest of quality. These ultra-compact and portable sonar devices will definitely change the future of underwater monitoring.




MRS900 is one of the smallest mechanical scanning sonar systems in the market with various choice of connector schemes.
Despite its ultra-compactness, the device still keeps high image quality.


Echologger RS900 outperforms its competitors with image quality and scanning speed.
Its non-contact rotational mechanism for low noise frictionless scanning makes it possible to run years without breakdown.
Smart sensor technology with motion compensation shows its precise orientation for more effective searching operations.

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This unique device is one of the most powerful and practical sonar systems in the market for the savvy divers. It is a hand-held underwater imaging system that gives high-resolution expressions.
Every diver can make use of this dynamic product to enjoy visibility in dark and turbid environments for their tasks such as search & rescue (SAR), structure monitoring or obstacle avoidance.
Professional bodies such as US Navy have commended the sublime nature of this fascinating device.
It is packed with value and beats most of the conventional products that you can find in the market. Beyond the rave reviews that it is currently enjoying, it is one of the smartest investments that organizations with special divers can make today.

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