Multi-beam Sonar
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Multi-beam Sonar

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Multi-Beam and Single Beam Survey Systems and Technologies

Ocean Mapping for Bathymetric, Hydrographic, and Sub-Bottom Applications

SeaBeam Instruments invented multibeam technology more than thirty years ago. Indeed, SEABEAMĀ® multibeam sonars have mapped more ocean floor than all other deepwater multibeam systems combined!

Committed to Ocean Mapping Technology

SeaBeam Instruments is a longtime world leader in the design, development, and manufacture of multibeam survey systems and related products for deep and shallow water ocean mapping. The company specializes in underwater acoustics, acoustic signal processing, beam forming technologies, and real-time and post-time survey data processing packages. Multibeam sonar data are instrumental in generating highly accurate bathymetric charts, as well as detailed acoustic images depicting seafloor topography, morphology, and sediment classification. Recent innovative developments from SeaBeam include real-time data monitoring tools, as well as narrow beam sub-bottom profilers truly integrated with multibeam sonars. The company has delivered more than 50 deep-water multibeam survey systems to customers around the world.