ROV Personnel Agency

The company Eco-Line France has been involved in the ROV sector for more than 10 years on a sales and distribution level, selling internationally fabricated robotised systems.

During the past few years the company has developed a branch dedicated to the management of staff from all over the world who are qualified and have the necessary expertise for the implementation of ROVs and AUVs. All the operators are trained according to international regulations and criteria in order to respond to the numerous requests from the “Oil and Gas” sector.

The technicians and pilots registered in the company’s database all have the required and necessary attributes to work on an international scale.

A specific and innovative strategy has been put together to meet the quality expectations our clients have. In fact, we are the first to have introduced the innovative concept “Squadra/Equipe”. Through our consultants, comprised of ROV “Super Intendent” and “ROV Supervisor”, we have formed a series of teams of different sizes and competencies, capable of being operational in all circumstances.

This work typology allows for a financial income, and also a considerable time gain, which is made possible by the fact that the operators belonging to different units work daily in close contact with each other, complementing each other's work, especially with regards to the upkeep and repair of systems.

The teams are made up of expert operators, cumulating many hours of active intervention with vehicles of different sizes and classes. In general we propose teams equipped with 2 operators (pilot and supervisor) for the observation class vehicles. For the class 3 vehicles, we normally foresee 4 or 5 operators (pilots, supervisor, engineer). The number of pilots obviously depends on the needs of our clients and the type of operation to be carried out.

Our company can offer staff of different nationalities, or a team composed entirely of Italians upon request, all at very competitive and certainly interesting tariffs compared to what is currently found in the free-lance and agency market.

All this is possible thanks to the collaboration of several companies who are in charge of the training and practice of ROV and AUV pilots on an international level. This collaboration allows us to offer tariffs that rival all competition on the market. The training centres accepted our proposal to form trained teams from their own staff (instructors and engineers) with 1 or 2 certified operators from their schools (the students, after having obtained the title of ROV pilot technician, contribute towards the fees with flight time organised by the training centres).

This allows us to have expert operators (ROV pilot technicians 1°, senior supervisors) available at relatively low costs, given that these technicians are also employed by training centres and all additional expenses involving specialised staff are taken care of by the training centres.

In these circumstances, the ROV company that is looking for staff (pilots and technicians) will have at their disposal highly qualified human resources that will look after their operational activity, at an optimised cost.


  • Size: Length. 0,94 m - Width. 0,46 m - H. 0.62 m
  • Weight: 30 kg ca
  • Versions: 100m, 200, (300 in option with transformer)
  • Payload
    [Product Details...]


FO is especially designed for inspection purposes. It is fast, light and easy to drive. A slim contour line and powerful thrusters make it a real running machine for long distances to be covered in a short time.
[Product Details...]


Inspection ROV System Mohawk remotely operated vehicle is a small, compact, high performance professional ROV system which can be used for a variety of underwater tasks including observation, survey, NDT inspections, tooling, etc.
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The ideal minirov for mines & drugs hunting, corpse searching, leak detection, archeology, pipes inspection. No tether, embedded batteries, works with a surface buoy via radio transmission of data, signal, images (500m range) Perfect for Police, Nav [Product Details...]

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