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The most advanced model Super Gnom can be equipped with the manipulator (grabber), scan sector sonar (Micron Tritech or analogue) and USBL positioning system. More powerful thrusters and additional illumination are nstalled on the Super Gnom. SuperGNOM can be modified for operation at depths up to 250 m.

Technical specifications:

  • 4 magnetically coupled thrusters
  • Operating depth up to 150 m, maximal depth 250 m
  • Cruising speed up to 3 knots
  • Ultra thin flexible Kevlar umbilical cable (3mm), up to 300 m long (V.2)
  • Color camera Super HAD CCD 1/3", 440K Pixels, 480 TV Lines, 0.5 lux, digital ZOOM
  • Four clusters of ultra-bright LEDs
  • Depth sensor, auto-depth mode
  • data on screen overlay
  • Power supply 230VAC/12VDC, space for battery
  • Total power consumption 200Watt
  • Full system packed in two aterproof cases
  • ROV weight: 4 kg, total system weight: 22 kg
  • ROV dimensions: 310x180x150 mm

System set:

  • Super Gnom submersible (operating depth up to 150m)
  • Tether 150 m
  • Digital compass with the auto-heading mode (data on screen)
  • Depth sensor (auto-depth mode)
  • Camera tilt servo ±50°
  • Cable reel with slip ring connector
  • Surface control/power unit
  • Protective polypropylene frame with buoyant module
  • Sector sonar (option)
  • USBL positioning system (option)
  • Packed in 2 cases
  • Wireless joystick Logitech
  • Cable connectors set
  • Repair kit
  • User's manual

ROV warranty (except connecting cable and propellers) is 1 year. Time of manufacturing is 2 – 6 weeks.

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