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Portable and easy to use

Solution for real-time analog video

Real-time video enhancement anywhere

Use the LYYN Hawk Portable to enhance the live feed from a camera in any existing analog color video system. Or enhance a video tape brought back to office after some fieldwork. Or wherever you need to see more with video in situations with less than optimal visibility conditions, for instance subsea or outdoor surveillance video.


LYYN Hawk Portable is designed for real portability. It has a solid aluminum casing, large control knobs and runs on 12V DC.

Plug and play

Connect the LYYN Hawk Portable between the camera and a monitor or VCR and you are up and running. No complicated installation. No advanced configuration. No onscreen menu trees. Just plug in, turn on and see more.

Easy to use

Large knobs for control of enhancement level and size and position of a rectangular selection of the scene. With this simple manual interface you can focus on your tasks with the best possible visibility in you video system.

Software remote control

Besides being a manual enhancement tool it is possible to control the LYYN Hawk Portable remotely over a standard RS232 serial interface. A simple standard communications program, like “HyperTerminal” in Windows or “QuickTerm” in Mac OS X, can be used to send ASCII text-based commands. You can also write scripts and software on your own control platform for a more integrated solution.


  • D-sub connector
  • RS232 serial protocol
  • ASCII text-based commands


  • level
  • window position
  • window size


  • saturation
  • hue
  • brightness
  • contrast
  • sharpness
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