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Little remote operated catamaran, operating within 1 km distance. Provied by a winch, installed between the two hulls, capable to plunge and uplift a video camera and/or water analisys instrumentations, sediment sampler etc.

Camera images are send to the control console by a radio link.

Suitable for operation in sea, river, lake, channel, basin, harbour.

Provision for installation of lateral sonar, doppler, sediment sampler, echosounder, DGPS etc.

Information are Recorded on board or sended by a radio link.

5 minute full disassemble for transportation.

Technical Features:

  • Long 1,30 m, width 1,20 m/li>
  • Weight 18 kg/li>
  • Autonomy 4 - 6 hour/li>
  • Speed 2 m / sec
  • Payload 15 kg