MiniMicro Camera
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MiniMicro Camera

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Micro is a video camera of small dimensions. The mounted CCD chip, in color or B&W, transmits the image directly to a TV set or recorder.

This camera is highly appreciated by professionals of salmon farming industries and organizations making soil and environmental studies. It allows carrying out expertise on ship hulls with the precise identification of previously observed sonar signals. It is also available with a power pack which supplies control console, camera and LEDs.

Highly sensible color-camera for use in low light conditions. Thin, Polyester reinforced coaxial cable with a small current drag. Battery powered for use from small boats, independent of external power with small power consumption.

The video image is transmitted simultaneously via a 5 mm thin coaxial cable onto a TV screen and can be recorded with a standard recorder. MICRO consists of a small stainless steel pressure housing, including the camera chip and 12 LED's provide enough light at night.

The small dimensions open a wide operational field for the system:

Scuba divers can inspect their diving spot, check their colleagues during their work or transmit the images of their investigation to the crew on shore. Other applications are long-term observations of marine flora and fauna for scientific use, investigations of ship hulls and pipes as well as the control of signals recorded by an echo sounder. Fisherman prefer MICRO to observe their fishing sites and to find out more about the biting habits of fish. With a tow frame, larger areas can be investigated for wrecks and bottom profiles.

The set includes a console for batteries. All signals including the power supply are transmitted via one coaxial cable 5 mm thin, reinforced with Polyester fibres so that it can be used as a dragging line as well.

Technical Data

  • Housing: Length 0.20 m Diameter 0.10 m Weight 1 kg; operation depth 300 m.
  • Camera: 1/3’’ CCD bw- or colour-chip. Picture elements 512 (H) x 582 (V) pixel. Resolution 380 TV lines. Lens 4.48 mm, F1.8 Sensitivity 0.1 Lux Viewing angle 43° in water. Shutter ELC-automatic Output HF frequency modulated.
  • Cable: Coaxial cable RG 174 Construction Polyester reinforced, PE coat Breaking strength 100 kg Diameter 5 mm Length 120 m Weight 20 g/m in air.
  • Tow frame: Length 0.50 m Width 0.25 m Height 0.20 m Weight 1 kg.
  • Cable reel: Width 0.25 m Height 0.33 m Depth 0.22 m Weight 1 kg Material PVC.
  • Surface unit: Length 0.25 m Width 0.24 m Height 0.10 m Weight 2 kg with batteries (50 m version) Construction Switch for camera, LED Connector Camera, antenna.

Specifications may change without notification.